How to choose touch-less faucet--three steps for choosing

Many families will choose touch-less faucet, because of long-term exposure which can be avoided sensor faucets, you can avoid some degree of hand washing is secondary pollution. But there are very many people say Faucet buy a home not long before no response, giving a sense of cost is not high. I will offer an optional three-step for choosing faucet, buy faucet is easy to solve problems.

A look at material: see the leader of the plating layer and the surface of the pipe is smooth and smooth. This is because the space in the kitchen and wet conditions, the leading surface generally have chrome plated, but the same chrome, Process difference is great. According to business reports, with good all-copper tube material, the surface to be polished, polishing, dust, nickel, chrome and other treatment processes, to ensure that the use will not change UFA black, sparkling off, in general, from Leading the face of it, the naked eye can see the light and delicate, coating treatment process is the better.

touch-less faucet

Second Test Sensor: Use the product according to the letter of the induction time and the water time to speak, in the field to test, to determine whether such a book talking about.

Three questions Service: Sensor technology product is occasionally become insensitive or overly sensitive issue, therefore, specific provisions need to say hello when purchasing services.

Product style Judgment and Choice

Choose a suitable faucet for you, there is not much in the style of choice, the current is European style and now generally minimalist style, is mainly on the cost, according to their need to select different price points.