Five small details for choosing bathroom shower faucets

There are many types of bathroom shower faucets in the market, so how to choose for consumers? When consumers buy a lot of people are just showers, no careful selection, the first shower with built-in heaters, and other bad pick the right price will be used. Here's a look.

First, Look the ejector effect of shower

From outward appearances, shower seemingly similar shape, must see its jet effect the selection, a good shower can guarantee that every small injection hole injection balanced agreement in the different pressure to ensure the shower dripping effect, the selection can test the water to see water jet is uniform.

bathroom shower faucets

Second, Look at spray pattern of shower

Shower interior design is different, and in the selection of hand shower, in addition to its jet effect, hand-held shower spray pattern there lasing, massage points, more general way to bring more jet ideal shower pleasure. Hand shower can choose the right mood spray pattern by: Rainfall natural pleasant, vibrant massage style, cozy spray, invigorating soft water column, water-saving drip style state.

Third, look at the surface coating

Shower coating is good or bad, in addition to affecting the quality and service life, but also affect the usual clean up, shower generally chrome plated, good coating can be maintained at 150 degrees celsius high temperature 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkles, no crack palling. In the selection to see its gloss and smoothness, light and smooth coating evenly shower explain better quality.

Fourth, water-saving shower water feature

The purpose is to clean dirt shower, now containing tap water chlorine and other harmful chemicals, and the transmission process of secondary pollution, does not look so clean. Buy a health shower head, it is important for the health of their families. Filtration, pressurized carbon water, anti-bacterial, massage, full of deep health care you and your family!

Fifth, look at the valve of shower

Spool affect the use of showers and life experience, a good shower ceramic valve, to be sure smooth and without friction. In the selection of hands-twist switch, feel comfortable, smooth it to ensure product when used to maintain smooth and reliable performance.