The art of the curtains color match

Curtains are the crowning touch to home decor, if a reasonable arrangement can be harmonized to make room to create a warm and romantic effect. Curtains of color is also a great stress, in addition to their own fabrics and colors, but also to pay attention to the overall mix and coordination room, only with the surrounding walls, furniture harmony with, in order to create a warm and beautiful sense of the whole.

England Style Cotton Linen and Yarn Blue Curtains for Blackout

To match with the walls and the furniture
If the walls are pale yellow or yellow, purple or brown department chairs, then can be blue or golden yellow curtains, giving a sense of light and bright; if the walls are light blue, yellow furniture is nearly white series, So choose light yellow sheer curtain, giving a warm feeling; if the walls are white or ivory and the chairs are yellow, you can use orange and red or blue curtains, with its bright colors to decorate the room. If there are more decorations on the walls, you should choose a solid color curtains to avoid a sense of clutter.

bedroom curtains

Different room, different colors.
Different bedroom curtains ( with different functions can also choose different colors of curtains, such as the bedroom with comfort factor, the configuration should be simple and elegant warm curtains better, in order to ensure sleep comfortable, warm and cold colors according to personal preferences; the living room curtains According to the owner's personality and living room to match the theme, or bright or elegant or warm, focusing on the theme and personality to highlight the living room; den curtain will have to choose a bright color, easy to light, elegant colors of curtains can make people calm, concentrate on learning and work.